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In recent years, I have been to Quanzhou for a few times. I am a bit impressed with Quanzhou. Although Quanzhou is like all the cities, there are many high-rise buildings on the streets. There are bridge overpasses Wholesale Cigarettes, and the streets are full of goods. The shops are full of goods Marlboro Lights, and the factory is innumerable... However, there are still many unique landmark buildings in the city, such as the East-West Tower of Kaiyuan Temple, Zheng Chenggong's cross-horse statue on the top of Daping, and the Fujian-Taiwan margin museum entering Quanzhou. Sometimes it feels great in Quanzhou: the central city is large, it is said that The area is 450 square kilometers, because the city is constantly expanding, the exact number is not good, in short, the bus is normally more than 20 minutes from the highway intersection to the passenger center station; the West Lake Park is very large, 100 hectares is 1500 acres Yeah, walking along the coast of more than 80 hectares of lake water Online Cigarettes, you can spend a whole day, the ancient tower in Kaiyuan Temple is very tall and big, want to take a picture of the tower as a background, far away from the tower Far away, the Buddha statue in the temple is very large. The statue of the big Buddha in the Wuxiong Temple is several times larger than the real person. The statue on the top of the Daping Mountain is even more amazing. There is only a horseshoe high; there is a large new city government, the park in front of it is larger; the river in Quanzhou is also very long; and the living area built in recent years is very large, in dozens of buildings. The suites have a large set of more than 150 square meters; there are many eucalyptus trees in Quanzhou, and a few of them are large and sometimes feel that Quanzhou is very small. The narrow traffic from the bell tower to Kaiyuan Temple is sitting on the bus. Seeing that there is only one car wide and the road is full of people, it is often difficult to make a sweat for the driver; the shops on the street are short and small, only one or two stories high. Many workers rented a room. After placing a bed and a table, there is basically no room for it; many hospital wards are crowded. In some morning rounds, one patient can only be accompanied by one family, and more When I was asked to come out, I felt that Quanzhou was very new. The clusters of tall buildings were silvery, and the shade of the trees was very green. The overpasses on the overpasses sometimes felt that Quanzhou was very old. There were many ancient temples in Quanzhou and ancient towers. There are many ancient objects in ancient temples and museums. There are more new and newly built antique buildings. The city gates, city walls, ancient pavilions, ancient houses and floating sculptures are the same as Quanzhou and all the historic cities. They are always ancient and modern Carton Of Cigarettes. The coexistence of styled architecture is diverse and complex. It is a combination of tradition and modernity. In terms of humanities, Quanzhou has its own characteristics: in addition to speaking Mandarin, Quanzhou people also speak Minnan dialect, and love to listen to Nanyin and Minnan songs Cheap Cigarettes. Love to watch the love of high-altitude often come to this "East Asian Capital" in addition to visiting relatives and friends to visit the doctor, but also because this historical and cultural city has a look, like to come.
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